Inclusion of children with special educational needs

This project is implemented with financial support from the Children Foundation Pestalozzi for the period from January 2020 to December 2022. The aim of the project is for children with special educational needs to actively participate in society, and to have an improved quality of life and better educational opportunities. Expected results from this project are the following:

  • 300 students with special educational needs, from 10 primary schools, located in five municipalities to get access to quality education;
  • Improve legislation and mechanisms for inclusive education that take into account the needs of all children;
  • Strengthen the capacity of schools, resource centers, support centers, services, municipalities and the wider local environment to support the inclusion of children with special educational needs;
  • To create individual models of inclusion in five municipalities according to the resources available to the municipalities;
  • To strengthen the capacities of future teachers as well as the professional competencies of the school staff for conducting inclusive education.