Open the windows (OTW) is the only organization in the country and in the Western Balkans fully committed to promoting assistive technology and digital inclusion. Guided by the vision of an “equal and active world of people”, Open the Windows fulfills its mission “through assistive technology to encourage and facilitate the active involvement of all people”.

Providing access to information and communication technologies for e-inclusion (or digital inclusion) is the basic guide of the Center for Assistive Technology, as part of Open the Windows. The center functions as a service and offers the following support: individual support for computer and internet use, individual needs assessment of assistive technology and advisory-consultative support for application of assistive technology. At the Center for Assistive Technology, children (preschoolers and school-age children), young people and adults with disabilities have access to information and the internet and learn to use a computer as a tool to achieve their education or employment goals. The center is visited by people with different types of disabilities (physical disability, visual impairment, hearing impairment, intellectual disability, autism, combined difficulties and learning difficulties).

The services are based on a person-centered approach and aim to foster the personal development of the users. The application of assistive technology, including accessible hardware and software, and a professional team of special educators and speech therapists make OW a unique service in the country. In cooperation with the user and / or the parents, an individual plan is prepared, the implementation of which is evaluated every six months. Users visit the Center once or twice a week and work through individual sessions or group work. On average, one user visits the center between one and two years.

In addition to working with users, the team conducts consulting and advisory work with parents, teachers and other persons involved in the user support process.