Soft Skills for More than Hundred People with Disabilities

On July 1-8, at Holiday Inn hotel, Open the Windows held eight soft skills trainings for more than hundred young employment seekers.

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The purpose of the training was to help the persons with disabilities who are seeking jobs to be skilled in their search for employment and leave a better impression with the employers.

The trainers Jovan Stalevski, Daniela Karadakov, and Milica Trpevska gave their best to transfer their knowledge to the young people. The participants have accepted the challenge of the trainers and enthusiastically participated in the practical exercises. During the training they learned how to improve their CV and how to write a cover letter. The simulation of an interview was the most interesting part of the training for them, as they were put in a position to participate and to evaluate the behavior of the others.

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The next step is the selection of forty people that will receive tailored trainings, while the partner organization Konekt will work with companies that require diligent and motivated workers as our participants.

The trainings are part of the EU funded project Employment of Persons with Disabilities - Sustainable Model, implemented by Open the Windows and Konekt.

учесници на обуката