The Center of Assistive Technology receives New Equipment

The Center for Assistive Technology improved its capabilities by purchasing two all-in-one computers and three laptops and four tablets. The tablets will expand services that are currently offered to beneficiaries. It will provide more variety in sessions and ability to access open sourced software that is not accessible on computers or laptops.

Антонио работи на таблет

The new equipment will improve the accessibility of open sourced software and enhance the individual sessions. 

In three months, manuals will be developed by the staff for the use of the tablets at homes and educational settings for people with disabilities. In August two workshops will be offered to university students and parents to present the manual.

The Small Project Grant  for purchasing the equipment was submitted Christopher Loving, a Peace Corps volunteer, to improve the capabilities and services offered by the Center of Assistive Technology. The project officially started in April and will continue to the end of August.