10 years in 3 minutes 38 seconds

To celebrate the anniversary, Open the Windows released a video describing the organizational history. In 3 minutes and 38 seconds we placed ten years full of enthusiasm and hard work by using photos, shots and graphic animations.

The organizational growth is shown by using photos of Vera, Marija, Kiko, Igor and Armend, dating back to the beginnings of the organization. Later in the video they are telling us themselves their greatest benefits from Open the Windows.

We are very grateful for the contribution of the teacher Elena Janevska Pertovska, Rebeca Jankovska Ristevski and Professor Ljupco Ajdinski PhD who told us what they have learned from us.

The video was recorded in Macedonian language, and then translated into English and Albanian. You can find all three versions of the video on the organizational YouTube channel.

We will stop here so you can watch yourself the entire video: