Current members

picture of Toni
Toni Bachvarovski

Toni has BA in computer science. He is one of the founders and first president of the association. 

In Dececember 2015 the Assembly elected him again for Presiednt. 

picture of Lidija
Lidija Krstevka Dojcinovska, MA

Lidija is one of the founderers of Open the Windows. Her expertise is special education and social policy with a focus on inclusive education. She is employed as a state advisor in the Cabinet of Prime Minister of the Republic of Macedonia.

In 2007 the Assembly elected her for President of the association in two mandates, until December 2015.

picture od Viktorija
Viktorija Penova

Viktorija is a highschool student at Goce Delcev Secondary School in Valandovo. She is a young writter and human rights activists.

Member of the Assembly since December 2015.

picture of Irena
Irena Bojmalieva

Irena is a lawyer and she is Head of the Center for Blind and Vision Impaired at the St. Kliment Ohridski Library in Skopje. She is a member of the Assembly since 2012.

picture od Bekim
Bekim Beqiri

Bekim is general manager of the Mars Incorporated company since 2008.

He is a member of the Open the Windows' Assembly since December 2015.


picture of Elena
Elena Petrova, PhD

Elena is a orthodont and she is working at the Clinical Centre in Skopje. She is a member of the Assembly since 2012. 

picture of Cvetko
Cvetko Smilevski, PhD Professor

He retired as professor and Executive Director of BAS Academy in May 2012. Now it is focused on scientific researches at the BAS Institute of Management.

Member of the Open the Windows'Assembly since December 2015.

Picture of Nadica
Nadica Murdzeva

Nadica has BA in economics and works in the Pliva Macedonia pharmacological company.

She is member of the Assembly since December 2015.

picture of Armend
Armend Rashiti

Armend is a student at the Faculty of Law in Skopje. He works in the My Career association. He is a member of the assembly since 2008.

picture of Ilcho
Ilcho Kolekjeski

Ilco has finished St. Naum Ohridski High School in Skopje. He is member of the Assembly since 2008.