OPEN THE WINDOWS is the sole organization in Macedonia and the wider region that is entirely focused on promoting assistive technology. Since its establishment in 2005, Open the Windows grew into recognizable and respected organization that uses technology as a tool for fostering the inclusion of persons with disabilities.

Led by the vision of a “world of equal and active people who use technology for personal development, improvement of quality of life and furthering community wellbeing”, the association strives to fulfill its mission to “to initiate and facilitate active inclusion of all people in the contemporary world through assistive technology use.”

The values of OtW emerge from the following beliefs:

* the use and development of information and communication technology enable and facilitate the active participation of all people in the society, and,

information and knowledge are common (public) goods. 

People and their individual needs and abilities are in the focus of OtW.

The organisational operations follow two basic approaches: person-centered and rights-based.

The organization is guided by the following principles and values: participation, equal opportunities, tolerance, partnership, and transparency and accountability.